Conversation with Liberal Yungen

Covering The Conversation Itself

Liberal youth wastes its intelligence on mental gymnastics and memorization of the authority talking points. I had a relatively nice conversation with one boy from Canada, which is only 17 years old. His frevor and passion resembled someone who is older, and he was kind only to name call and insult me roughly around 2 times during the conversation.

However, the sense of entitlement and righteusness is so extreme, that it reminds me of some other extreme movements in the modern history, where youth was so radically indoctrinated.

You can read the entire conversation thread here, and judge for yourself.

The biggest thing that bothers me is the lack of understanding for ones interest. They observe “whiteness” as a concept that doesn’t deserve to have its own interests at heart, like something that is inherently evil, and responsible for all the bad things in the world, not worthy of preservation.

This kind of thinking is legitimizing the hatered of white people, and creating fertile environment for justification of violence and bullying against young children in the schools, and further teaching them not to defend themselves.

This ability to have a thought dualism, where there are two sets of principles simultaneously applied to two different races is astonishing. It is not natural and requires insane amount of indoctrination over the students. Funny enough, I’ve been called out at leats three times today, that I’ve been Brainwashed.

What did I do when I was 17?

I tried to put myself in the same shoes when I was 17, and what I was doing at the time. I was just graduating, or just about to graduate high school, entering the college. I am grateful that I wasn’t involved in the politics at all at that age, because it made me appreciate my youth more, without getting engaged around the negative topics. But my primary concern at the time was winning. I wanted to graduate quickly, and I wanted to achieve success.

This Social Justice Warrioring is the element that is robbing the youth of acquiring the skills necessery to build the wealth necessery to establish a family and create the foundation of the ones future. This is youth robbed of its potential. They are frenzied and fanatic about getting their own way, and they’ve been getting everything they asked for from their parents. It is creating an unstable individual, robbed of the future potential.

How to deal with this disturbing phenomena?

Just take a look at their academia curriculum, filled with: gender studies, sociology, psychology, and other skills that are not contributing the direct value to the society. Only theoretical one. The entire social structure will perpetuate this decline, and the journalist priesthood of morality will continiue this decline.

The best way to go about it, is the privatization of all levels of education. National schools can be reserved for those that can’t afford the paid for education. But when parents become the customers, they will be able to request changes in the curriculum, and dictate what kind of human beings will their children grow in to.

Typing over at Starbucks And Contemplating Endless Distraction

Evening over at the Starbucks in the laptop mode. Really didn’t feel like going home, as the hum of the people in the background actually feels quite good. You feel less alone. And I am just a junkie for that kind of atmosphere. The only thing left that makes me feel like I am still in Europe. The main reason why I’ve been buying Starbucks stock…

Starbucks isn’t only a coffee shop, it is more like America’s living room. I spent countless hours in it working, while I’ve shared the working space with the countless young Americans studying. We are all students in this life, even me, despite leaving school ages ago. At the end of the day, I still hit it, read, acquire and keep on pushing for more knowledge, more connections. And so should you. We don’t have the opportunity to drop out of the self development loop.

It’s good to come here, drop a few lines of text, and decompress. The constant instant messaging buzz is taxing my brain, but finally, I am still wired to typing. Just this time around it’s long form. And it helps me gain clarity, purify my thoughts, give them a structure and meaning. Something we all greatly yearn for in this era of endless distraction…

Twitter Outrage Treshhold Achieved and what comes after

Think that thanks to the outcome of the elections, I am getting less and outraged when I am on Twitter. There is a compulsion, almost a necessity to find something to be outraged about while I am on social media. That is the only thing that would push me towards getting an adrenaline rush on social media. But as the time goes by, I am becoming more and more numb.

This has actually dramatically improved my mood, as my need to fight the good fight has been so diminished, that I feel empowered to pursue other amazing aspects of my life, like working on my own life.

So what now!?

You may wonder now that Trump got elected, what’s next? Am I still gonna talk about politics? Hell yea, but I started to feel it differently. Now I am not stressing over the future as much, because it feels like we dodged the bullet.

I’ve been focusing on lifestyle, and stories of people that made it. Next 8 years are going to be merit based, and I’ll give my best to make them the best 8 years of my life. These years will be the turning point, that will the determine the rest of my future, hence they will be very much worth the investment.

Apart from crushing it on my job, I’ll be writing for Alpha Efficiency, Cult Of Traffic as well as covering the news as I go. This year I will get to know so many people, until I reach a natural growth threshold. I will hustle until there is nothing left in me, and than I will hit the gym, and than hustle some more…

I will be grinding towards that success, and bring many, many people on that Journey with me.

The Moment of Technological Serendipity

Was pulling over to Panera Bread, and On my way out of the car, I heard a pretty cool song on the radio. This song is playing right now, a relic of the time forgotten… I’ve pulled my Sound Hound, and captured the song on my iPhone, and pressed play. The music continiued at the exact same moment where I caught it on the radio. This seamless transition from one device to another one is something I would consider a thing of the science fiction in the past. Now it’s a reality…

X Box Experience Is Sometimes Very Microsoft-y

Just finished reading Jamie Tod Rubin’s X Box Experience, and I recognized my own pattern of “using” the console. Jamie spent over 2 hours setting up the console instead of playing. This is not as user friendly, as people would want it to be. There are far to many hoops to jump through. Definitively read the piece if you intend to buy the console. I am pretty much convinced though that PS or any other console for that matter is not going to be any better.

X Box is a great console, don’t get me wrong, love owning it. But these user experience kinks, especially when confronted as a first time user, can be very challenging, thus leaving a negative impression on the players.

After the first time kinks are ironed out, you will still get the frequent updates, that will impede your console usage. Updates that require you to leave more space on your console, and things of similar nature. At the end of the day, I definitively don’t regret owning it, just noticing that users need to be guided way more. Console experience shouldn’t feel like owning a desktop gaming machine. And Jamie being the old school PC geek was very versatile in solving all these problems. The next consumer might not be as good. Be prepared to spend 3–4 hours the first time you buy it, so you can get everything right.

There wasn’t enough meat on the bone for daily briefing

Yesterday I’ve announced that I will do daily briefings, but I didn’t have enough news to cover. There simply weren’t that many interesting things happening. I went through RSS, and Instapaper, everything was pretty much stale.

Perhaps I could have written something, but I felt the whole day like the information was finding its way towards me, wasn’t that much interesting. Hence I wrote this piece, demonstrating to myself how I didn’t cop out, and how I will hopefully have a head start tomorrow.

Bojan’s Daily Briefing

Daily briefing will be the collections of the things that I read on daily basis, and my commentary on them. This should create a more concise commentary on the material out there, enabling me to express myself in more than 140 characters.

It will always contain a little bit of news, a little bit of marketing and some technology. I hope you will enjoy reading the new column, as much as I enjoy writing it.

Throwback Video about Centralized Digital Rome

Last year I’ve created a video where I was speaking about ways I will create exclusively on my own digital platform. However, I spent the majority of the year Tweeting, filling Twitter’s pockets with my hard work, with my own content.

I hope I will be able to reverse this trend in 2017. I forgot about the fight, a fight to which I must return to.

In case you wanted to check out this video, you can find it here: Digital Rome.

If You Like Social Justice Here’s Why You Should Be Happy That Trump Won

I might have not gotten this completely right, but I tried my best to depict this world the way I see it. I believe all of us can agree that we’ve had some trying times during this election season. Perhaps some learned that it’s not nice to mock others, and that it would be nice to report some real news, for once. And it seems that all of us learned that having a private position, and public position, is not a very good strategy for the politicians. And many will learn that now will be a good time to get our hands dirty, and quick, so all of us be a little bit happier.


This election personally took an unprecedented toll on my soul, despite that I was on the so called winning side. I am yet to see what is this, that we’ve won. I remain very optimistic, and I hope you will to. Good things are ahead of us!

I’ve seen first hand what it means to ignore the posterity of one people, and still shocked with the way American working class has been treated. Badly. Many seem surprised with Trump’s victory, but this person was the only person that took a stand, even a verbal one for them, in a world where they feel depressed, and confused with what happened with their jobs, with their opportunities, and the future that they once believed in.

Maybe these so called journalists could have reported on that? Or they could prevent these evil pharmaceutical industries to take advantage of people that lacked the opportunity to pursue education, and don’t understand that they shouldn’t Give Oxycotine to children . Or the government that enabled criminal cartels to poison their youth with drugs with their reckless open border policies. But instead they were to busy blaming white people for all the problems in this country.

These people didn’t have it good for a while, and these so called journalists were laughing about it, and celebrating it as some form of weird victory over false idols that they’ve created in their minds and their gender study majors. The morally bankrupt and intellectually dishonest academia is carrying its fair share of responsibility for the world that has gone wrong for so many. Once great true believer of science and intellectual authority, I have found myself in the disbelief of where the knowledge and the truth became so profoundly politicized. I always somewhat believed that science and politics had no correlation, but I guess I was completely wrong. This is why “scientific” fact-checks aren’t that important anymore, at least in my eyes. We’re living in a post-truth era. I hope it will change, and quick. I still hold my school, and education as important. I wish it to everyone I know.

This Wasn’t An Election, It Was A Trial

This election felt more like a trial to globalism, where American people were the jury, and Donald Trump was the messenger. How low did we go, when Donald-Build-That-Wall-Trump, was clearly a better candidate than soulless money grabbing Hillary-I-take-money-from-people-that-throw-other-people-from-the-top-of-the-buildings-Clinton. By the time it’s over, let’s hope that all of us will live a little bit better, and we restore some balance for the people who didn’t have a representation in a long time. They need to win too, right?

Fidel Castro

When so called social sciences engaged in the games of moral relativism, the same moral relativism that pushes them to say good thing about Fidel Castro, which is not a good human being by no moral standards of any decent human being with access to internet. This same media had him Praised for education and universal healthcare. Glad to see him gone, I won’t hold back. It is an end of one tragic era of a tyranny, and feel a little bit better that it is going behind us.


My Personal Business

I wish I could burry my head in the sand, and focus on my own business, but somehow, along all these lines, this America became my business. So as a good future citizen, I tend to take care of what’s going on in this country, and the well being of its all legal citizens. The rich, the poor, and all those in between. Hence this political piece, and anecdotal other thoughts will show up on this blog.

I’ve been in US of A for three years, and this country treated me nicely, and asked me to give back my all, and all I gave. My employers treated me kindly and with respect, and got their moneys worth. I lived in some bad areas with those before mentioned people, who lost their steel mills and reliable sources of income. And I’ve lived in some very nice areas, that turned my life into an artful experience that I glorify in my Instagram photography. So with some dose of realism, surrealism and experience I am leaving some trial of all these disjointed thoughts, photos & ideas for you, the people, to boggle your mind with.

I’ve been one of the people that came here with the dream of better life, but only to realize that life becomes better only if we ourselves become better. In this journey to America, as much as I’ve learned America, I’ve learned myself even more. And for this I was happy about on thanks giving, and I got many more things to be happy about down the road. I hope you do too.