Why I don’t dwell on Facebook

Facebook is repealing to me, because people know me. It’s far more interesting having an audience that doesn’t know you personally. Those people will follow you for what you post, not for who you are.

The problem of San Francisco

The city I’ve visited at least three times. A Mecca of technophiles like myself, one that didn’t impress me. San Francisco is only a nice city during the day, but during the night it is straight up creepy. A city in which everything should happen automagically, however, toxic politics and even more intoxicated, government subsidized zombie corpses, are giving this city away.

San Francisco is edgier than my writing. It is bone chilling. Think that I’ve been in quite a few areas of the world, where you would feel straight up creepy, but San Francisco gloom is beating Chicago south side as well as Parisian suburbs.

San Francisco taught me that technology won’t turn us into better humans. Humans in any shape or form, will still only human, desptite all of the sci-fi progress. It won’t get better, at least not right away. So keep still, and love where you are.

People will like what people like…

…and people will get what they want to get. Long gone are the days of dictating the fashion through small influencer group that bought into its influence. New world is comprised of micro-influencers, that change the trends of their micro communities. Sometimes they will sell out, but most of the time, they will do, whatever it is that they want to do.

Wish I used Periscope more, but…

Seems like a cool app, but I don’t have time to build a community on yet another engagment platform where people are super self centered, that they don’t even appreciate the attention once they receive it.

Producing things of Value

Think before you create. Does your work create value? Does it serve a purpose? If the answer is yes, only than you may move forward and create. It needs to enrich the lives of those who consume it. Either artistically or practically. Move the people, and they will help you move.

You don’t need novel content, try proven content first

As I examine the content creation process, I realize that coming up with great ideas isn’t always the best solution to the problem. There are already proven ideas out there, that yield results, and you can find them, and do a better job at them.

Content marketing process doesn’t need creativity, it needs a systematic approach to data analysis, with your common sense brain totally turned on. All you have to do is to find existing articles that could be dramatically better, and that acquired the links already. Everything past this point is completely familiar. If SEO traffic isn’t enough, you can always amplify the said content through Outbrain, Taboola, Facebook and Twitter.

Demand for Digital Marketers

Company landscape and their marketing efforts in general are not that great when it comes to digital. Digital marketers are scarce, and it will take a while before we reach an equilibrium between supply and demand, or if we ever reach that point.

The consciousness of people regarding digital as a medium of the communication is fairly limited as well. Exectivoes are lacking education on what is possible, what is probable as well as what is doable.

Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean that it is cheap. The talent pool is scarce, and effective digital marketing channel will be just as expensive as traditional marketing, in some cases even more expensive.

New Media as a Way To Build Your Retirement

New media is the investment of the future. Every email, every connection that you may have, and you nurture, build and deepen as a relationship, could be your future proof retirement. I observe the new media moguls, and I see a lot of people that are capable of creating micro-communities around themselves, building up a reliable sources of income, that are simple enough for people to carry into their retirement days.

Collecting these connections, emails, social media acquaintances and assembling them into a comprehensive audience is the investment that transcends the investment portfolios. Data and relationship have an interesting intersectionality, that diminishes numerous risks, and allows value preserving process with minimal investments.

Acting as if you are already famous

Just because you are not a famous person, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t act like one. I bet on my future success, and every word that I publish now will be more valuable later down the road.

Virtue Signaling and sociology of Educated Masses

Social engineering is very close to marketing, and there is this close mixture of influencer marketing and education, through which hegemony of the western elite generated the value system of weakness. This comes from amplifying the personal sensibilities in order to invoke sympathy, at which point weakness is labeled as good, whereas strength is chastised as bad.

These compassions derive from Christianity. When contemporary western civilization academia stripped God out of Christianity and molded what was left of it into itself. People who belong to academia, embody this as a “virtue”. Falling outside of the spectrum of this value system, but knowing it perfectly well, I found myself in between worlds. I grew up in that academia through my entire life, but never fully understood its deprecating soul. Often I heard sentences from these people that would tell me: “Don’t get carried away, this is real world, you will never make it on your own!”

Luckily I’ve never listened, despite fully residing in their direct sphere of influence, since my high school days. My school was fully focused on academia, but luckily for me, math, physics and non-social sciences were dominating the curriculum, enabling me to become a true free thinker.

Afterwards, I expressed serious contempt for people that stifled my ambitions towards anything that wasn’t academic success, which was a response to the way they “signaled me out”.

Than I’ve got my first job, and I gave up on pursuing the masters degree, in favor of my career. These days, I get some second thoughts of actually going back and getting it, maybe even obtaining phd, but I wonder do I even need it? It definitively doesn’t feel worthy, not even the paper the diploma is written on. A lot of these phd’s can only operate in the realm of university/academia, and I don’t feel like they can help me in the business building and lifestyle design. The virtue of being institutionally educated doesn’t seem virtuous anymore, as My observation of the institutionalized education, doesn’t fall too much out of the spectrum of Institutionalized religion.

Institutionalized academia is man made manipulative concept that indoctrinates people towards an agenda of creating complacent and docile intellectual class. This is done exceptionally well, through before-mentioned virtue signaling.

How does it work?

When people in the position of authority act and feel the certain way, they are sending a signal to the people around them, students, and people whom are on the lower totem pole in the academic hierarchy, that something is considered like an undesirable thought, action or activity.

On the other end, emotions and virtues are signalized, like a secret language, as they trickle down the society and using humans as a force of enforcing the values through participants of the culture itself.

These emotions are picked up, and especially evident to women, whom embody them as a signal for value driven hierarchy. Due to the women’s social prowess, weak men are prone to follow this signalization in order to feel acceptance. What many straight men consider supplication to women for opportunity to mate is only partially factual. Mass creation of the males who were raised by single mothers or with absent fathers, created a generation of men who have strong dependency on women, thus seeking acceptance, more than the opportunity to find a partner. Therefore they adopt the same value system. Usually, the dissenting thought falls in the spectrum of the males who did grow up with their fathers, and have a healthy value system, as well as a healthy body, that has a hormonal bias for testosterone.

Me being that person coupled with a healthy passion for debates, and a huge curiosity for all topics sensitive, coupled with healthy bias for non-social sciences, I’ve found myself as the target due to my “heretical thought”. However, usual targets of heretical thoughts are people that lack education, not the ones that have the excess of it. Which made me very hard to ignore, as I kept dispelling myth after myth, and making people wonder: “how does he even exist?”

And I still persist, growing in the production of ideas, stirring the pot and helping people wake up from their intellectual slavery and obedience to the shepherds of their thoughts.