Throwback Video about Centralized Digital Rome

Last year I’ve created a video where I was speaking about ways I will create exclusively on my own digital platform. However, I spent the majority of the year Tweeting, filling Twitter’s pockets with my hard work, with my own content.

I hope I will be able to reverse this trend in 2017. I forgot about the fight, a fight to which I must return to.

In case you wanted to check out this video, you can find it here: Digital Rome.

If You Like Social Justice Here’s Why You Should Be Happy That Trump Won

I might have not gotten this completely right, but I tried my best to depict this world the way I see it. I believe all of us can agree that we’ve had some trying times during this election season. Perhaps some learned that it’s not nice to mock others, and that it would be nice to report some real news, for once. And it seems that all of us learned that having a private position, and public position, is not a very good strategy for the politicians. And many will learn that now will be a good time to get our hands dirty, and quick, so all of us be a little bit happier.


This election personally took an unprecedented toll on my soul, despite that I was on the so called winning side. I am yet to see what is this, that we’ve won. I remain very optimistic, and I hope you will to. Good things are ahead of us!

I’ve seen first hand what it means to ignore the posterity of one people, and still shocked with the way American working class has been treated. Badly. Many seem surprised with Trump’s victory, but this person was the only person that took a stand, even a verbal one for them, in a world where they feel depressed, and confused with what happened with their jobs, with their opportunities, and the future that they once believed in.

Maybe these so called journalists could have reported on that? Or they could prevent these evil pharmaceutical industries to take advantage of people that lacked the opportunity to pursue education, and don’t understand that they shouldn’t Give Oxycotine to children . Or the government that enabled criminal cartels to poison their youth with drugs with their reckless open border policies. But instead they were to busy blaming white people for all the problems in this country.

These people didn’t have it good for a while, and these so called journalists were laughing about it, and celebrating it as some form of weird victory over false idols that they’ve created in their minds and their gender study majors. The morally bankrupt and intellectually dishonest academia is carrying its fair share of responsibility for the world that has gone wrong for so many. Once great true believer of science and intellectual authority, I have found myself in the disbelief of where the knowledge and the truth became so profoundly politicized. I always somewhat believed that science and politics had no correlation, but I guess I was completely wrong. This is why “scientific” fact-checks aren’t that important anymore, at least in my eyes. We’re living in a post-truth era. I hope it will change, and quick. I still hold my school, and education as important. I wish it to everyone I know.

This Wasn’t An Election, It Was A Trial

This election felt more like a trial to globalism, where American people were the jury, and Donald Trump was the messenger. How low did we go, when Donald-Build-That-Wall-Trump, was clearly a better candidate than soulless money grabbing Hillary-I-take-money-from-people-that-throw-other-people-from-the-top-of-the-buildings-Clinton. By the time it’s over, let’s hope that all of us will live a little bit better, and we restore some balance for the people who didn’t have a representation in a long time. They need to win too, right?

Fidel Castro

When so called social sciences engaged in the games of moral relativism, the same moral relativism that pushes them to say good thing about Fidel Castro, which is not a good human being by no moral standards of any decent human being with access to internet. This same media had him Praised for education and universal healthcare. Glad to see him gone, I won’t hold back. It is an end of one tragic era of a tyranny, and feel a little bit better that it is going behind us.


My Personal Business

I wish I could burry my head in the sand, and focus on my own business, but somehow, along all these lines, this America became my business. So as a good future citizen, I tend to take care of what’s going on in this country, and the well being of its all legal citizens. The rich, the poor, and all those in between. Hence this political piece, and anecdotal other thoughts will show up on this blog.

I’ve been in US of A for three years, and this country treated me nicely, and asked me to give back my all, and all I gave. My employers treated me kindly and with respect, and got their moneys worth. I lived in some bad areas with those before mentioned people, who lost their steel mills and reliable sources of income. And I’ve lived in some very nice areas, that turned my life into an artful experience that I glorify in my Instagram photography. So with some dose of realism, surrealism and experience I am leaving some trial of all these disjointed thoughts, photos & ideas for you, the people, to boggle your mind with.

I’ve been one of the people that came here with the dream of better life, but only to realize that life becomes better only if we ourselves become better. In this journey to America, as much as I’ve learned America, I’ve learned myself even more. And for this I was happy about on thanks giving, and I got many more things to be happy about down the road. I hope you do too.


Change of passion towards business and success

Every waking moment of my life I want to be passionate about winning. I will network, talk and push as hard as I can, in order to accomplish my goals. I know it is a feel good writing and thinking, but I absolutely need to connect my thoughts, actions and goals. Without these three things in singularity, I don’t believe that I can be fully happy.

We are undergoing a massive cultural And Educational change

We are undergoing a massive change. Unparalleled liberation in freedom of speech and creation of ideas. We live in amazing times.

The more technology advances, the more we are getting detached from physical reality, and artificial realities are becoming the new norm. This alone forces us to deeply think about the status of our health. As we spend massive amounts of time in front of the computer.

One of the realizations in my life is the fact that we’re moving rather slowly. We don’t posses all the knowledge needed to move as quickly as we would want to. Knowledge assimilation is one of the key critical components that we need to cultivate through our life.

A lot of people think that everything stops after bachelor or masters degree, and expect that we will be able to recoup our initial investment into our knowledge until the day we day. However, that is not the case, and being unemployed once your industry was wiped out is a cop out excuse for not investing into your own marketability anymore.

I’ve heard people on the radio complain about this fact. Hey, those old people won’t have a lifecycle of recouping their investment when they go to reeducation later. Like it really matters? You are alive, and you are here to learn new things every day. Don’t complain on the issues of the system, rather fill the growing gaps and needs of the market.

Gotta spend the entire weekend writing

Just want to be in the mode for my hobby, which is written word. It will take preceden over reading. With the added focus on publishing as I go.

The funny part of the recent writing is the fact that I constantly write on my phone. The added convenience factor makes the moments in which I usually would never produce, into oasis of creation.

I will produce so much this weekend, that it will make the heads spin. Need to finish my iPhone 7 review, take stock of tons unfinished pieces, see what’s going on with Alphaefficiency magazine and where it’s at.

And will also try liveblog… sharing the world as it happens. Only worried that I might get stuck in endless Twitter streams, bashing retweets and producing low quality content, with even shorter lifecycle.

Let there be word.

Why I don’t dwell on Facebook

Facebook is repealing to me, because people know me. It’s far more interesting having an audience that doesn’t know you personally. Those people will follow you for what you post, not for who you are.